Thursday, 23 June 2022 12:35

What is cosmetic roll-on?

Cosmetics roll on package Cosmetics roll on package pixbay

You have certainly used roll-on cosmetics more than once in your life, and if not, you have surely heard of this type of cosmetics.

They are often associated with roll-on deodorants, but more and more often you can find eye creams in this form or other cosmetics in this type of packaging.

Applications of cosmetic roll-on

Roll-on antiperspirants have been very popular for years. Their convenient form makes them much more handy, which means they fit easily into any handbag or cosmetic bag. However, it is also important to note other advantages that make the manufacturers of many other cosmetics decide to choose this type of packaging. Cosmetic roll-on makes it easy to use on small areas of the body without using hands. No wonder that more and more eye creams and gels can be found in this form. A simple application is also an incentive for many producers of perfumes and creams to offer their products in such a packaging. An additional argument in favour of such a solution is its aesthetic appearance.

Advantages of the packaging

There are many benefits of roll on packaging. Not many people know it, but the roll on packaging increases the protection of the product in the packaging from external factors. It is primarily about protection against the access of air. It has a huge impact on the shelf life of the product and prevents it from losing its quality. Cosmetics roll on package like  can be made of various materials and, depending on this, offer additional advantages. An increasing number of cosmetics manufacturers opt for glass packaging. It can be made either of transparent glass, which allows the product contents to be shown, or of brown glass. Brown glass packaging has been appreciated primarily by the pharmaceutical industry for its additional attributes such as UV protection. Because of these and other associations, this type of packaging is used for ecological products and eagerly chosen by more and more consumers all over the world. It proves the growing popularity of this trend.

The perfect solution for many products

Roll-on for cosmetics will meet the requirements of products of different consistency and capacity. The application is always simple, and at the same time allows for precise application of the product. Most people perceive this form as hygienic as it does not require manual application. This is especially important when travelling, because hygiene is a priority at this time. On the other hand, it is also an undeniable convenience during daily care, because it saves a lot of time.