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Do projects and study in English – unique applied studies in Cracow

College of Economics and Computer Sciences is an elite college in Poland, aiming to educate, develop and build creative potential in its students. Our college guarantees high quality and reliability of studies. We continuously seek for another educational challenges.

Due to this, we have broadened the profile of our institution by unique studies in English, giving a great opportunity to broaden horizons and get a dream international job.


For who?


Our offer is addressed to creative and intelligent people open to new experiences. We create a space for development of self-potential, performance of daring projects, cooperation with the business and scientific environment from around the world. We teach how to ask questions, solve problems, learn fast new concepts, formulate independent opinions.


Course of development


In the process of studying at WSEI you not only gain extensive knowledge in a field of computer sciences and econometrics but develop also practical competences. You will acquire an ability to independently analyse, solve problems and offer creative solutions. You will be acquainted with challenges concerning games development, applications programming and IT systems implementation. You will be an expert in the field of network administration, and Business Intelligence systems will not be a mystery for you anymore.


Benefits of WSEI


What are the benefits of enrolling at WSEI?

·      fluency in using English

·      acquaintance with professional technology

·      additional advantages on the professional market

·      valuable international contacts

·      acquaintance with the foreign professional environment

·      ability to work in a multicultural environment

·      diploma to certify high professional qualifications

·      practical skills esteemed by the employers

·      open access to foreign universities

·      knowledge acquired from the best specialists from around the world


Studies in English at WSEI are an investment, which will have a positive impact on shaping your professional path and self-development. By perfecting knowledge of foreign languages and using advanced tools and methods recognised in the international business environment, you will gain a substantial advantage on the labour market.


Support at WSEI


We aim at providing full support to foreign students. We help experience and understand Polish culture, history, law, as well as language. Our college has a well-equipped library, reading room and advanced computer laboratories. Our dean's office always provides competent and friendly services. You can also count on support from student community. More about WSEI -

Take a closer look at our rich educational offer. Here you will meet people with passion, broaden your horizons in a friendly and creative atmosphere, as well as become a desirable professional inland and abroad.