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Winter dog layette - what accessories should you buy?

Caring for your pet is much easier if you have different accessories for your pets. When frosts come, it is worth adjusting the products to improve the comfort of the dog and yourself - as a carekeeper. Dogs have really sensitive paws, which should be prepared for frosty weather and snow mixed with salt (which is used to melt the snow on the roads). You also should prepare yourself for walks when it’s cold and wet outside. What should a winter layette for a dog contain?

Care accessories

The winter dog layette should contain grooming accessories, including a brush adapted to the length of the dog's coat and size. It is worth taking care of your dog's hair all year round, thanks to which it will be in good condition all the time. Removing dead bristles directly from your pet and combing the tangles also significantly reduces the amount of fur at home. This translates into easier cleaning. In winter, dog hair is exposed to adverse weather conditions, and proper care ensures that the coat performs its role very well throughout the year.

The dog is freezing too!

The winter layette for the dog can not run out of clothes, especially if the pet does not like to freeze or does not have an undercoat. Sweaters, jackets or capes allow the dog to stay active in the cold for a long time and protect it perfectly against precipitation. Additionally, they look very fashionable and stylish, which will certainly be appreciated by every carekeeper. The clothes are very practical and easy to put on. Perfect fit to the body provides the dog with a great protection against the cold. Some models are equipped with long legs, which perfectly protects the full-length feet against the cold. There are also boots for dogs available. Well fitted boots are comfortable for the dog and they protect dog’s feet very well.


Car accessories

Winter dog layette should also contain accessories that facilitate traveling with your pet. The dogs often accompany people in every aspect of everyday life, they are being taken on trips, to the store, and sometimes there is a need to go to the veterinary clinic. When winter comes and it is accompanied by the rainfall, it is worth having a suitable mat in the car, which not only protects the interior of the vehicle from moisture and dirt but also increases the comfort of the dog. It will not slip or fall off the seat. There are also types of mats available, which can be used in the trunk. The pet should be properly secured while driving, so it's worth having a special leash in the car that will not allow the animal to move and in order to take care of its protection in case of an accident or collision. This simple solution can often help to avoid even the death of an animal.

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