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CS:GO How To Kick Bots

Counter-Strike Counter-Strike

The bots are typically easy to kill but they seem to disrupt the game despite what team they 're on. They come out of nowhere, block your bullets or just spam constant callouts. When you want to check smokes, study a map, practice your aim, or one-vs-one a mate, they can be a major hassle.


From a private server 

You first need to activate the console and open it with the default tilde key (~) to kick the bots from your game.First, type mp_limitteams 1 and press Enter to avoid bots from coming back to play. Then type mp_autoteambalance 0 to prevent the auto-balancing bots from one team to the next.

Lastly, type bot_kick to remove the bots. Optionally, by typing bot_kick ct, or bot_kick t for T-side, you can kick the bots from the CT side. 

Type bot_add t or bot_add ct if you have a change of mind and want to add bots to your squad, or the opposing team.

Another way to kick a bot

While in the game, press the ~ key on your keyboard to open your developer console. This is located beneath the escape button on the top left side of your keyboard. If the developer console is not opened, you may need to activate it in the menu Settings.

  1. Type in status and press enter

  2. Copy the 2 numbers next to your name.

  3. Type callvote_kick and then paste those numbers in. Then you will see the votekick box appear letting others know a votekick has started by you to kick you.

It should look like this:

\ status ### ## "NAME" callvote kick ### ##

What's more essential is the process that works on a BOT above. We've all had that point in time in which the bot manages to survive with an AWP whereas the rest are broken with $1150. Having followed the above process the bot may be kicked.

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CS: GO features new environments, characters and weapons, and offers modified versions of the classic Counter-Strike environments such as Dust, Inferno, Nuke, Train, etc. CS: GO also incorporates new game modes such as Arms Race, Flying Scoutsman, and Wingman, and includes online matchmaking and Competitive Skill Classes.

Counter-Strike: The Global Offensive (CS: GO) expands the original Counter-Strike spearheaded when it was launched in 1999 on the team-based first person shooter gameplay. In multiple rounds of objective-based game modes two teams compete with the aim of getting enough rounds to win the match.

If you've never played CS: GO before then it may seem like a very simplistic version of the flashier, more powerful shooters that seem to dominate the market at first glance. However, first impressions can be deceiving, and in fact this is one of the more in-depth and intricate FPS games out there.

At the outside things are kept straightforward by CS: GO. There's a restricted collection of weapons you can purchase during the match, and yes mostly it's a case of pointing, shooting, and killing enemies on a map. There seem to be no vehicles, parachutes or grappling hooks here-just a beautifully clean and stripped-back FPS where the real difficulty comes from high-level competition.

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