Monday, 25 October 2021 13:13

5 reasons why you need stainless steel in your restaurant

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If you think about it, stainless steel has been used by hotels, restaurants, and caterers all over the world for years. It’s an obvious choice. But did you ever wonder why exactly you need it in your restaurant kitchen and why is it better than any other option? Here are 5, out of many reasons, why alpes inox stainless steel is the chef's best choice.


Stainless steel is almost impossible to destroy. It is one of the most resistant materials. That is why it works so well in the kitchens - you don’t have to worry about high temperatures, heavy cooking accessories, or corrosion - stainless steel will hold everything. Still unscratched.


Restaurant kitchen means amazing food and little time. Especially for cleaning after an extra-long shift or in between services. With stainless steel, it’s not a problem. Just use the right product and wipe away all the stains, spills, and burns. Thanks to that, your restaurant kitchen looks great and spotless even after the busiest day.

3.  SAFE

Preventing food contamination is the number one rule in every kitchen. Stainless steel provides an extra layer of protection. Bacteria, germs, or mold are easily removed with just one wipe of sanitizing product. On top of that, alpes inox UK stainless steel is covered with a carefully selected composition of chromium and nickel, which makes it impossible for any liquid or substance to penetrate it and contaminate the surface.


And that means two things:

     it does not interact with food’s taste, smell, or appearance.

     alpes inox UK is known for a wide range of ovens, hobs, and other stainless steel units, but stainless steel is also used to make pots, pans, and storage containers that are much more efficient and resistant than cast iron or aluminum accessories.


Funny choice of words for stainless steel, right? But it is true. Stainless steel appliances are easy to optimize for both your budget and your needs. You can choose from a variety of stainless steel grades, the most common for restaurant kitchens are: 304, 316, 430, and 443 - that way you can balance price and performance.

We know that each restaurant has its own standards and alpes inox UK stainless steel can meet them all. Design a kitchen that suits your needs and reaches your standards.