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reference substances reference substances

Extrasynthese is an international company that manufactures phytochemical elements as reference components of analytical quality. Precisely the company deals in extraction, purification and separation of agricultural products such as herbal products.

The highly refined reference substances are used in research and development of cosmetics, medical pharmaceuticals, crop protection and animal feeds. Exrasynthese offers learners with knowledge on easier techniques of converting different plants materials to useful herbal standards and components. Moreover, it offers it enables us to easily determine botanical plants. A botanical is plant that has herbal and medical properties and can be used to cure many diseases.

Whether Botanicals can be used as Dietary Supplements

Botanicals also known as herbal products are used to boost the health very sick patients in hospitals. Moreover, some botanicals can be referred to as dietary supplements. However, for them to be classified as dietary components they must contain (minerals, herbs, amino acids and herbs) and must be ingested to the body either by liquid, pill or tablet. Moreover, such botanicals must be properly labeled as dietary supplements. The main purpose during the preparation of the botanical must be to act as an additive to a diet.

Methods of Preparing and Selling Botanicals

Botanicals can be sold in two forms as fresh or dried plants components. For example, some products sold in the supermarkets are fresh botanicals while some are dried botanicals in capsule or tablet form like teabags. Some common methods of preparing botanicals include; infusion of fresh or dried botanicals into boiling water to make tea. Botanical elements can be added to water and heated to evaporation point to form dry botanical extracts.

Standardization of Botanicals

Manufacturers of botanicals adjust them to ensure they reach the intended quality. All botanical products are labeled with chemical markers to ensure they meet the appropriate health standards. However, there are no strict laws that all botanicals should be standardized.

Safety of Botanical Products

Mere labeling of a product as “natural” does not give an express guarantee of its safety. botanical herbal standard depends on many factors. For example; the product’s chemical make-up, it’s working on the body, preparation methods and the amount used. The reaction of botanical products in the body fluctuates from mild to powerful. Thus, some botanical components require three-four weeks before their full effects are realized in the body.