Sunday, 23 September 2018 10:36

Veggie Bottoms Kitchen brings the family together for healthy fun in the kitchen

With summer vacation just around the corner, parents will be on the lookout for fun activities to do with the kids. Thanks to Veggie Bottoms Kitchen, a new, original app from Red Card Studios, the whole family can cook up a good time (and a healthy meal) in the kitchen.

The app features over forty vegetarian recipes, introduced by the colorful, animated "Veggie Bottoms" - a family of cute, interactive fruit and veggie characters including John Lemon ("a bit of a sour chap") and Sophia Broccoli ("green and beautiful from head to stem"). The simple recipes and step-by-step instructions make it easy and fun to assemble unusual foods like kiwi pizza, banana bon bons, and blueberry salsa.

Want to create your own recipes? Veggie Bottoms Kitchen also includes a "Test Kitchen" - an area dedicated to letting kids mix up their own smoothie concoctions in a virtual blender for Chef Monty to taste test. Keep playing and you might just unlock some of his secret smoothie recipes!

"So many educational apps focus on math or science or memorization. But cooking really brings out the creative side in people," says co-creator Patrick Skidmore. "This organic kind of learning is more robust, and has far reaching effects in cognitive thinking. It also encourages families to come together in the kitchen for a shared experience."

Veggie Bottoms Kitchen is the follow up to the award-winning, interactive book Veggie Bottoms, which first introduced this world of goofy, colorful, vitamin-rich characters. "After we created Veggie Bottoms, we saw firsthand how much fun kids had with it: giggling at the table while they learned about vegetables."

So creating an interactive cookbook was the natural next step.

"Kids are on their devices a lot. Parents want to spend time with their kids. Veggie Bottoms Kitchen is designed so you can spend more time together as a family and learn more about the foods that keep everyone healthy."