Tuesday, 19 November 2019 10:47

Winter 2019 - follow the newest fashion trends

Newest fashion trends Newest fashion trends

The most popular autumn colors are most often burgundy, bottle green, dull orange or shades of brown.

In the upcoming season, however, fashion houses, e.g. Armani, decided to go a little crazy and offered red total looks. Who suits this combination? It all depends on what shade of red you choose. Bloody red, even neon, looks best on girls with porcelain complexions and dark hair. Falling into the coral is well suited for women with warm beauty type.

How to wear red total looks? For example, for subdued clothes in a uniform color - white, ecru, black or gray. Red likes also with recently fashionable animal patterns. It looks best in combination with leopard and zebra. You can find online shopping deals and save quite a lot of the money this way!


Orange-red look

Orange and red are the colors of falling leaves, so it's no wonder that designers are promoting them in the autumn 2019 fashion. However, I would never have thought of combining them in one stylization. 


When deciding on such a combination, make sure that one of the colors is the main theme. It's best to choose the one that best suits your type of beauty. Oranges should fall in love with fall. In turn, red is best suited to your summer, fall or winter. 


For orange-red stylization, choose black, brown or navy blue accessories and gold jewelry. Cool silver will bite with such sun-filled colors. 


One final tip: the "sandwich" principle also applies in this style. So never put on an orange top, red bottom and orange pants. The same with the red top, orange bottom, and red shoes again. 


Grunge will return in autumn 2019

Grunge is a checkered shirt, torn pants, boots or martens, beanie hats, leather, oversized Ramones or jean katanas, ankle sneakers, pulled sweater, loose T-shirt necessarily with the logo or name of your favorite rock band and wide-brimmed hats.


With such clothes and accessories, you can create, among others winter styling. All you have to do is put on a red plaid shirt under a short sheepskin coat, preferably vintage, and black pants and boots. 


Baskin shirt for autumn-winter

Fashion in the autumn-winter 2019/2020 reigns baskin. Baskin first appeared at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The contemporary canon of beauty were women with extremely wide hips. For large, sewn dress spreading so yet heavily crinkled, sometimes worn in layers of basque. 


The principle was one: the more of them in an evening dress, the better. In the twentieth century, a basque in a somewhat more modern style was tamed by Christian Dior himself. His pencil skirts with basque were to emphasize the waistline and widen the hips - like today, he was the ideal hourglass figure. 


If you want to create styling fitting into the 2019/2020 trends, then bet on for shirts with a basque. For an elegant occasion, choose a dress with a basque at the waist, and for work, a pencil skirt will be simply perfect. Who will be the best for baskin? For slim girls who dream of a crazy waistline.