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How to control premature ejaculation

During the first few seconds after penetration or perhaps before penetration, the man reaches orgasm, causing the couple displeasure. Premature ejaculation happens.

It is more prevalent in adolescents due to hormonal changes that make them more easily aroused, but it can also occur in adults due to psychological causes like stress, anxiety or fear. This is the case in both adolescents and adults.

The use of strategies and exercises can help control premature ejaculation, however medication or therapy may be required in some circumstances. The best thing to do is see a urologist to figure out what's causing the early ejaculation and then go on the right treatment.

Controlling ejaculation with medicine is possible

Treatments that a urologist can recommend and guide include:

This method is popular because it helps men get acclimated to ejaculating more slowly. You should begin by masturbating with a dry hand, making three strokes and stopping for two or three seconds on the first day of the procedure. He should make 3 strokes and halt after each pause. The same pattern should be followed a minimum of ten times. In the event that ejaculation occurs before completing the 10 repetitions of the exercise, it should be repeated over the next few days until the goal of 10 repetitions is achieved. After completing 10 repetitions of the technique with three movements, the technique should be repeated, but with five movements in a row, interspersed with pauses. After completing 10 repetitions with five movements in a row, you must do seven repetitions in a row. When using this strategy, each stage should be performed on a separate day or at a time when the desire to ejaculate is similar.

The goal of this approach is for the male to become adept at identifying and controlling his ejaculatory sensations, hence increasing the duration between stimulation and ejaculation. Follow-up with a urologist is critical for optimal results.

Utilizing the compression method

This method teaches men to notice and manage the sensations that come just before ejaculation. This method has the major advantage of not requiring the assistance of the partner or the partner to complete.

During masturbation or intercourse, stimulate the penis, and when you feel like ejaculating, stop and apply pressure to the penis's head. This is the strategy to use.

To close the urethra, press down on the penis with your index and middle fingers while placing your thumb on the underside of the penis' head just above the frenulum. Maintaining the pressure for 3 to 4 seconds should be difficult, but not painful. Do not use this procedure more than five times in a row.

Squeezing near the base of the penis is another kind of compression. There is no need to ask the partner to stop moving during compression if you use this technique.

Method of desensitization

Masturbating for 1 to 2 hours before sex reduces sensitivity to climax, thus this method may not be suitable for many guys. Additionally, if a man has been in a long-term relationship and hasn't used a condom, a urologist may recommend it because it reduces penis sensitivity and hence the orgasm.

Exercises such as Kegels

These exercises help build stronger pelvic floor muscles, which are located in the pelvic area and surround the urethra. Kegel exercises By strengthening these muscles, a man can better regulate his ejaculation, so that it doesn't happen when he contracts those muscles.

Urinary incontinence patients can benefit from these workouts as well. Patients should perform 10 sets of 10 repetitions each day for 10 days to see results.

Using a topical numbing agent

Anesthetic ointments or sprays, such as lidocaine or benzocaine, can be used to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and lengthen sexual encounters without resulting in ejaculation. Lidocaine. Prescriptions for these kinds of drugs should be obtained from your physician and used 10 to 15 minutes before sexual activity.

Additionally, there are condoms on the market with anesthetics built right in that can be utilized. Durex prolonged pleasure, Durex retardant effect, and Control retardant effect are only a few instances of these types of effects. Aside from the side effect of delaying ejaculation, anesthetics can also induce certain unpleasant side effects, the most prevalent of which is that the guy feels less pleasurable since his senses are dulled.

Medications as Treatment

The use of medications is often reserved for situations in which other treatment options have failed. Kamagra is still one of the proven means of improving your sexual life, Kamagra, a generic version of the well-known erection-inducing Viagra Pfizer. Since 2003.

However, D-Force (Dapoxetine 60mg) is a new form of treatment for erectile dysfunction and especially for premature ejaculation. It helps in obtaining erections in 40 minutes lasting for (4-6 hours) and will give you control over your ejaculation. D-Force is the only drug with regulatory approval for treatment of premature ejaculation.

How can you stop premature ejaculation if it happens to you?

Using self-control strategies to stop premature ejaculation is the simplest way to treat it. However, if it doesn't work, you may need to reduce the sensitivity of the male sexual organ or use prescription medications. Premature ejaculation can be prevented by performing kegel exercises 300 times a day for a month.