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Electronic cigarettes are compared to traditional ones.

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It is essential to clarify that these are benefits compared to traditional cigarettes, not in an absolute sense when it comes to benefits.

Smoking is still a vice that should be avoided. However, the transition to the electronic cigarette brings two primary benefits to smokers: the first at an economic level, the second at the level of well-being.

It is now scientifically recognised that -cigarettes are much better for your health, and today, we are telling you more about how electronic cigarettes are better than regular cigarettes.

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Save money when using e cigarttes instead of regular ones

From an economic point of view, the savings are there, and they are tangible. A lot depends on the smoker's habits: the more traditional cigarettes you smoke per day, the more time to amortise the cost of an electronic cigarette kit will be less.

It must also be kept in mind that, once the initial kit has been purchased, the maintenance costs are meagre:

  • The average duration of an atomiser is several weeks.
  • A battery lasts several months.
  • The consumption of the liquid depends on your needs.

However, to date, any smoker who has switched to the e-cigarette has seen a significant reduction in smoking costs.

A better health

Regarding well-being and health, although medical organisations recommend caution, most smokers who switched to digital cigarettes have perceived an overall improvement in their health: more breathlessness, less fatigue, minor cough and a general gain in breathing.

These positive effects are because there are no toxic substances within the vaporised liquids, except for nicotine (if you choose a liquid with nicotine), of course, unlike traditional cigarettes, which contain various substances widely recognised as dangerous.

It is important to note that, since no combustion occurs in an electronic cigarette, what is aspirated is vaporisation of the liquid itself, without particular alterations.

To learn more about this aspect, you can visit the page on health.

The “smokes” of the electronic cigarette

In addition to the economic aspect and the benefits in health terms, there are also many other aspects to consider on the smoke emitted by the electronic cigarette.

It is mostly vapour, which disperses rapidly into the air. It is a feature appreciated by many, as it allows you to use the electronic cigarette indoors without the fear of creating an annoying hood or soaking your clothes with smoke.

Many smokers, for example, appreciate the fact that in the car, you can smoke safely without having to open the window, especially when it rains or when you are using the air conditioning.

Precautions and Risks

Among the substances present in e-cig liquids (or cartridges), the only one that is considered dangerous is nicotine. Although it is not necessarily present in all e-liquids, unlike traditional cigarettes that always contain nicotine, it is always advisable to carefully inquire about the percentage of nicotine contained in the liquid that you are using or that you intend to use.

It is also always recommended to purchase European-made liquids, with reliable documentation and certifications on their content, paying close attention to those imported and of dubious origin.

Smokers: Why switch to an electronic cigarette? 

Usually choose to switch from classic to electronic cigarettes when they decide to quit smoking. Very often, therefore, we start with models that simulate the shape of the tobacco cigarette because there is a psychological factor that tends to tie the smoker to the gesture of holding the cigarette, much more than to the actual puff.

So, the first or almost obligatory choice for many people is that of the more classic model.

Studies show that the electronic cigarette with the classic form is the one most used in transition periods. However, the actual advantages occur when you stop being a dual-type smoker, who alternate the traditional cigarette with the electronic one and pass entirely to the technological version.

If, on the one hand, the cost of accessing the initial kit, i.e., the actual electronic cigarette, is decidedly higher than that of a single package, the first advantage is precisely the cost of maintenance.

The individual refills contain the equivalent of a few packs of cigarettes, and even more, considering that no part of it is wasted.

However, it remains at very low levels and, if you choose to switch to the more powerful versions, you stop using the capsules and go directly to the liquid, with further savings on individual refills.

Usually, those who abandon the small version of the electronic cigarette do so for the pleasure of the gesture. Often, the refills chosen have a minimum or even no nicotine content.

A single atomiser with average performance has several weeks if it is not reconditioned; in the most advanced versions, elementary maintenance operations are possible, but which prolong their life.

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