Sunday, 24 November 2019 10:34

Military Wives and Widows Tell Their Stories About Service Life in the USA and Abroad

A chance meeting at a stop light, an introduction in church, a child born from frozen sperm, a teenage romance that endured 50 years, an Army nurse married to a Navy enlistee, each story tells of falling in love and then later heartbreak on becoming a military widow.

Members of the military are more than serial numbers that can easily be moved around. At home or abroad, together or apart, these families know the toll that frequent deployments produce. Yet all are proud to have been a partner in helping to keep this nation safe and strong.

Almost all of the 26 personal real-life stories were contributed by members of the Society who tell about living on base in the U.S. or abroad. Whether in France, Germany, Japan, Taipei or Turkey adjustments have to be made. In sharing common experiences these woman found friendships that continued for many years after their husbands retired from the military or died. Many speak of the strong bond of the military family.

After writing about a husband dying in World War II in Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan, or a service-connected disability like Agent Orange, the women tell of their adjustment to widowhood.

"These are great stories. The book is an important opportunity for family members to remember and honor their Fallen Hero," said Vito Valdez, an Army Survivor Outreach Services Support Contractor. "Everyone can learn from their stories and be prepared for the unexpected."

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