Thursday, 30 June 2022 16:02

What are proxies and why do you need it?

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Internet security can be provided in many different ways. For example, the use of antivirus software or parental controls is common. However, proxy servers are also a good and extremely beneficial solution, which are used for example by companies that work with computers.


What really are proxies?

Proxies are special servers that mediate between the user and the website they are viewing on their electronic device. The main feature of proxies that makes them a popular choice for companies or even individuals is that they provide great anonymity. Due to the fact that proxy servers usually have a specific IP address it is the one that is displayed in place of the user's IP address. This way no real information about the person browsing the web remains online.

What are the main benefits of using proxies?

There are many positive effects of using Residental Proxies.

The most important of these are:

  • the possibility of maintaining anonymity,
  • the ability to customize settings, so that the use of the servers is tailored to your needs,
  • increased efficiency while using the computer,
  • full control over the activity of people using the device,
  • possibility to change what is displayed as the user's location,
  • the ability to hide private information while using the network.

Proper use of proxy servers and a good provider is the key to achieving the best results, allowing you to maintain maximum security on your network.

What brand can provide the best proxies for you?

Despite their many advantages, proxy servers have one major drawback: unless they are truly of the highest quality, they may simply not do their job. This is why it's so important to choose a trustworthy, experienced proxy server provider. A great example would be Local Proxies, a company that provides new, regularly updated servers from random providers and random subnets. With top-notch services such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited authentication IPs, Residential IP addresses, and a dedicated network, Local Proxies can provide the best for their customers.