Thursday, 07 October 2021 09:43

What is the Difference Between VPN and Proxy Server

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People use VPNs and proxies to hide their personal information, but what's the difference? The reason makeuseof compares the two technologies is because they both accomplish the same goal - they hide your IP address from the websites you visit, and this confuses most users

When you visit a website, it can get a rough idea of ​​your location from your IP address. Proxies and VPNs hide this information by giving the website its own IP address, not yours.

What are proxies?

A proxy server is located between you and the websites you visit. Usually proxy servers on the Internet can be found very easily. Enter the website you want to visit and you will be taken to it. The proxy server works by taking the web address you provided, then connects to it and downloads its content. It then transmits this information to you so that you can browse the website.

The main advantage of proxy servers is that you don't connect directly to websites, so they can't see your home IP address. Instead, they see the IP address of the proxy server, so you keep your location a secret.

When you decide to use a proxy, it usually asks you which side you want to use the proxy from. For example, if you want to access a website, but it is blocked in your country, you can use a proxy server located in the country of that website. When the website checks which country you are from, it sees the location of the proxy server instead of yours. It then gives the proxy access to the website and provides it with the detailed information that the proxy sends to you.

Benefits of proxy servers

The purpose of the proxy is to bypass filters such as geolocation blockers or filters imposed on certain websites by schools, libraries or universities. Since proxies can be found on the Internet, you can use them from any operating system. No need to install software.

Disadvantages of proxy servers

Unfortunately, if you want to achieve more than anonymity, a proxy server won't help you. Even if you only use proxies for web browsing, you will find that using them all the time is impractical because they slow you down.

What is VPN?

At first glance, VPNs look a lot like proxy servers. Your data is sent to the server, it goes to its destination, then it receives the content and provides it to you. The difference between a VPN and a proxy server is how your data is transferred to the server. To use a VPN, you must first install the VPN software on your computer. When you enable it, the program will encrypt the data that goes to the VPN server.