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Zakopane – a great place for holiday stay

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These days more and more people make a decision to visit Poland and see the most stunning landmarks. Some of them choose seaside resorts, some Masuria Lakes and some tourists select mountains.

When it comes to mountains, the most popular city is Zakopane that is located in the Tatra Mountains. This article will tell more about the city and places where you can stay during your fabulous stay in Poland.

1. Some basic information on Zakopane

2. Accommodation in Zakopane

Some basic information on Zakopane

Zakopane is located in the south region of Poland, about two hours from Cracow (travelling by car). The city is considered to be the winter capital of Poland. There is nothing unusual about it. It is always snowy and frosty during winter months. There are a lot of fantastic possibilities of spending free time in Zakopane. When you love hiking or climbing you can visit the highest peaks of the Tatra Mountains – Kasprowy Wierch, Giewont or Rysy (the highest summit in Poland). However, if you would like to enjoy city break, you can walk along the most famous street of Poland – Krupówki Street where you can do the shopping, eat Polish speciality, for example żurek or pierogi and see the breathtaking views and mountain houses. What is more, Zakopane is also full of tourist attractions. It is worth starting with Wielka Krokiew – the ski jumping hill which is the biggest in Poland. Lots of events are held there but if you do not have luck to take part in a great event, you may see the young ski jumpers who practice the sport almost every day. It is also recommended to see the Tatra Mountains Museum, Władysław Hasior’s art gallery and Kornel Makuszyński’s museum.

Accommodation in Zakopane

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