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Bonus Protection

Bonus Protection or BP is designed to ensure Representatives are eligible to receive their bonuses in case they forget to place an order during the month.

BP orders are processed on the 25th of each month if the Representative’s orders, to that date, do not exceed 75 Points. If the 25th falls on a weekend, BP will be run on the following Monday.

You may recall when we went through the steps to set up your website, one step was to set up a BP order, BP is very important for 2 reasons:

1) To maximise the value of your Miessence business, having a BP order activates free shipping for any orders you place over 75PV, or reduces the shipping to $4.95 for any order under 75PV.

It also increases the discount potential from the standard 20% to 30% or even 40% depending on the size of your order.

2) It ensures you never miss out on your bonuses each month, by placing your chosen back up order on your behalf if you have not placed a qualifying order before the BP run date as per above.

You will receive an automatic reminder from the calendar feature in your MiAccount each month regarding the run date for BP. It is important to ensure you keep your BP order up to date relative to your current purchasing habits. In most cases your BP order will not activate so it can be many months since you last set it.

This is a much misunderstood part of Bonus Protection – BP will only activate if you have not placed a 75pv order or above before the run date.

It does not run in conjunction with any order you have placed that month, so if you have placed (for example) a 50PV order, then the full 75pv BP order you have set up will run. If you have placed an order of 75PV or higher, BP does not run.

If you have not already set your BP order go to your MiAccount area now to do so.


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