Wednesday, 05 February 2020 13:07

How to increase sales with Instagram

best influencer marketing tactics best influencer marketing tactics

It should be clear that Instagram is the ideal place for marketers. By 2022, the expected number of U.S. users is expected to be 118.2 million. Furthermore, more users engage with a brand on Instagram than on Facebook.

So how can you increase sales with Instagram? In short, you have to optimize your profile, analyze your audience and posts, and plan your content. Here’s how.


Learn about your target audience

You need to understand who you are selling your products to so you can effectively advertise your products. Analyze your audience’s demographics and psychographics so you can understand what appeals to them. To do so, you can use Sotrender, a social media analytics and social inbox tool.

If you track the changes in location, you might infer that a recent campaign was especially successful in one region over another.

When should you post to increase sales with Instagram? You can use a heatmap to see what day and time of day they’re active. Check the audience activity in the app, and you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions.

Optimize your profile

To increase sales with Instagram, your audience needs to be able to recognize your brand and what your brand stands for. Because the bio is the first thing we see on your profile, here are ways that you can make it stand out:

  • Identify which hashtags you follow

  • Link back to your site

  • Include a CTA to increase conversion rates

  • Add your geotag. This boosts local SEO and drives conversions.

When it comes to the overall aesthetic of your profile, try to keep your filters and editing style consistent. Your audience will associate certain colors and effects with your brand on Instagram.

Content strategy

You should plan your content to make sure that it will appeal to your followers and inspire them to make a purchase. There are many ways that you can use posts to increase engagement and sales with Instagram, but we’ll give you a short summary.


It’s even better if you include a countdownand don’t completely give away what the new product is. This brand below posted a teaser, and their followers were guessing what the newest color would be in the comments section. They also included a CTA about their mailing list that they can use to generate new leads.


Giveaways are an effective strategy to increase visibility, engage your audience, and increase sales with Instagram. They show your audience that you appreciate their loyalty to the brand.Remember to ask the winners to use your hashtag and share their opinions about the products for your other followers to see.

User-generated content

This is another way of appreciating your audience. 86% of Millennials and Gen Z believe that user-generated content indicates a product’s quality. Once again, you should encourage your followers to post themselves using your products with your hashtag, ask them for permission to repost it on your brand’s profile. You can tag them in the post or mention them in the caption for thanks.  


You can further increase sales with Instagram here by making a shoppable post with a diverse set of models. After all, consumers prefer marketing campaigns that user diverse models. 


Collaborate with influencers

Over half of female consumers were more engaged when an influencer or expert recommended a product. Do some research on the best influencer marketing tactics and find out which influencer would work best for you. Glossier has hundreds of brand ambassadors, some of which have fewer than 1000 followers. 

All is well as long as their reviews are real and you disclose your sponsorship.

Analyze your results

Now that you’ve run your content strategy for a while, analyze it to see if it was a success. Check your social media analytics as you go along and adjust your strategy accordingly. The key metrics you should check are:

  • Engagement

  • Reach

  • Follower growth


There are many things to consider when you want to use your Instagram to increase sales. You’ll be able to accomplish your business goals now that you’re well-informed.