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Saturday, 29 September 2018 12:03

Understanding your comp plan

Understanding the comp plan is fundamental to succeeding in your new business, if you do not get your team structure correct from the start it can costs you thousands of dollars a month in the future. Make some time to speak with your sponsor about this as soon as possible.

The key here is to understand each bonus type and how you earn them, sponsor bonus and retirement bonuses are the key differences to understand. Beyond this is understanding the optimal way to place your new members as you bring them on board. Keep in mind every comp plan is quite unique so what is a good structure in one company may not necessarily be so in another.

We will focus on the Miessence comp plan and in future posts will work through every page in an easy to understand step by step process.

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  • What is Team Group Volume
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    Team Group Volume or TGV is used to determine a Representative’s rank in the Compensation Plan. Also widely referred to as GV.

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    The Fees cover the cost of providing an online office with all the tools necessary for building a successful home-based business. The join fee can vary from $40 to free depending on how you join. To get a $0 join fee you need to join with a Super Fast Start order (600PV or higher).

  • Bonus Value

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