Tuesday, 10 May 2022 09:59

Hushoffice Booth – a safe place to collaborative work and video conferences

Hushoffice Hushoffice

The pandemic has changed the way we work, and companies strive to organize a safe and healthy working environment for their employees,

After long months of lockdowns and remote work, employers worldwide are facing a serious issue: how to create a safe and comfortable working space, and prevent the spread of coronavirus and microbes. Apart from the safety reasons, employees got used to remote work, and office noise distracts them and affects their productivity. Hushoffice made the perfect response to the constantly increasing demand for healthy and safe office solutions – office pods! 

The future of work after COVID-19

The pandemic has changed the way we work and organize the contemporary workplaces. It forced the adoption of new, safer working solutions. Transmission of harmful viruses and microbes between people occurs as a result of direct and indirect contact with an infected person, which is especially dangerous in open offices. Employers realized that this kind of threat at the workplace can be significantly reduced, if employees work in separate office pods. Thus, a safe Hushoffice has become a must-have in every professional office space.

Choosing the perfect office pod

There is a variety of secure work pods to choose from, depending on the purpose and needs of employees. The smallest booth has the size of a telephone booth and it is the ideal solution for busy telephone consultants. In addition to safety, hushPhone is appreciated by employees due to the privacy and comfort of work. It is usually equipped with a worktop and an ergonomic seat. 

Another popular solution for individual work is hushWork. It is an affordable self-contained unit that fits virtually any office space, giving the employee a private space to work and focus. Office booths are equipped with ventilation fans, USB outlets, dampening walls, double glazed doors, and ergonomic furnishings, such as an office desk and chair set.

  • hushMeet office pods, on the other hand, are popular among busy managers to hold vibrant meetings with their teams. HushMeet booths are available in three popular variants:

  •  hushMeet - the basic variant, allowing to create dedicated and safe spaces for employees who need it the most,

  •  hushMeet.open - the perfect solution for larger, informal gatherings and is more accessible than the hushMeet version,

  • hushMeet.L - the largest office pod, for 4-8 people. With its modular design, it can be easily extended by the users, depending on their needs. 


Modern office pods are powered by electricity and are much more functional and cost-efficient than traditional conference rooms or open-space offices. Booths are equipped with stylish, yet ergonomic furniture, which not only provides comfort but also creates a safe and healthy working environment.