Tuesday, 16 February 2021 16:19

Modern and functional furniture for years

Cabinet hinges Cabinet hinges

Kitchen is a special room in every house or apartment. It has a very important function. It is in the kitchen that all meals are prepared and later consumed with the whole family. Therefore, this place must be arranged with great sensitivity, so that it is comfortable, functional, practical and attractive.


Furniture in the kitchen

One of the most important parts of the kitchen, is the furniture. Nowadays, the emphasis is on modern wall-mounted kitchen cabinets, so that you can gain more space to prepare meals and to store various kitchen utensils. When deciding on kitchen buildings, it is worth betting on solid furniture, which will be functional and not just impressive. Particular attention should be paid to furniture hinges, which should be made of durable materials, resistant to various mechanical factors.

What is the difference between traditional furniture hinges and hinges with silent closing?

Traditional furniture hinges, which have always been installed in wall and standing cabinets, unfortunately have a short lifespan. They loosen easily during use, causing cabinet doors to fall. These hinges need to be changed very often to make the cabinets functional and presentable again. This in turn generates costs and causes worry. No wonder then that furniture hinges with silent closures have become so popular.

Modern furniture hinges with silent closure

The hinges for furniture with silent closing are, as the name suggests, hinges that make using cabinets much more comfortable and easier. This type of hinges are installed in standing and hanging cabinets, you can install them yourself or use the services of furniture fitters. With such hinges, cabinet doors close slowly and very quietly, so there is no worry that you will forget to close a cabinet or that you will make noise when closing it.

The cost of installing soft-closing hinges

When ordering new kitchen furniture, whether in the form of built-in kitchen units or as individual cabinets, it's worth paying attention to what kind of hinges are in the cabinets. All cabinets have traditional hinges as standard, but it is always possible to order additional silent hinges. The cost of these types of hinges is not great, usually you have to pay extra a few dozen zlotys for one quiet closing. It is a good idea to make an investment in this way, as the kitchen will be more functional and practical thanks to modern furniture hinges.

Cabinet hinges are an important part of furniture. Standard hinges can cause a lot of problems, especially after they have been used for a long time. So there is no need to save money when renovating a kitchen, it is much more worthwhile to buy furniture with silent closing hinges, because it is a good investment in the future. It is also worth noting that these types of hinges are very impressive and look modern.