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Home Insurance and Crime Statistics for Spain

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Home Insurance and Crime Statistics for Spain

As with anywhere in the world Spain has crime however the crime rate in Spain in general is significantly lower than the UK. With the exception of the big cities (where crime is slightly higher, though still not as high as the UK) Spain is a very safe place to live. With the number of burglaries in Spain being 0.6 per 1,000 people compared to UK statistics of 13.8 per 1,000 people. Car theft in Spain is 3.3 cars per 1,000 compared to the UK which is 5.6 per 1,000. Obviously you can't get too complacent and you should still take the basic measures ensure that you and your belongings are safe. Home security is important whether the main purpose of your property is for a holiday home, renting or if you are going to make your new life in Spain.

Home insurance is a safeguard that can really help you should the unexpected happen. When looking for home insurance you need to go around and look at lots of policies because there are so many different ones. It is up to you to decide should you want your insurance from a Spanish company or a company from the UK. Both will have there plus points. The main thing to be sure on is that if you are going to take out a Spanish policy, unless you are fluent in Spanish, you need to understand all of the documents as they will be in Spanish. It is best to have a translator look over the policy so you know exactly what you are covered for. Some UK insurance companies have special policies for homes abroad and even for holiday homes and renting your homes abroad. This is not something you should rush into take your time and find the deal that best suits your needs. The main points to look out for are those of the value of your contents and under what circumstances you are covered. You will need to understand the amount of excess you are going to have to pay should you need to claim. If this is in English then it should be quite straight forward but in Spanish it is important to have it translated.

Alarm Systems:

Normally you will need to have a professional come around and access your house and the area to advise you on the various alarm system types available to suit you the best. You will need to decide if you want to rent or to buy the alarm system you choose. It doesn't matter which one you chose you will almost certainly have to pay a monthly service charge and this may make renting an alarm system better because the company may up grade your system for you for free. There are different types of alarms that you can get; the traditional acoustic alarm, a semi silent alarm or a silent alarm. You shouldn't be worried about the prospect of getting a silent alarm. Many burglars are not so frightened of the traditional alarms anymore because they tend to go off so regularly that nobody takes notice of them so the silent and semi silent alarms go directly to alarm call centres and so are much more effective.

Security Guard Services For Your Home:

Security guardIf you buy an apartment in Spain then it is worth asking what sort of security measures they have. Some apartment blocks actually have a security guard service. This is a person who walks around and checks that you and your property are safe from any unwanted intruders. Usually you will have to pay for this service but it will probably come out of your community tax that you pay. If you live in a private house then it is les likely that you will get this type of security however it is not out of the question as you may live in an area that has the equivalent of neighbourhood watch.