Eines der sonst mit Abstand größten E-Sport Events findet auch 2020 statt. Coronabedingt aber natürlich deutlich kleiner als ursprünglich geplant. So hatte Entwickler Riot Games bereits vor knapp drei Wochen angekündigt, dass die Worlds 2020 dieses Jahr exklusiv in Shanghai gastieren. Los geht es am 25.09.2020 mit den ersten Spielen.

Wednesday, 09 September 2020 09:51

CS:GO How To Kick Bots

The bots are typically easy to kill but they seem to disrupt the game despite what team they 're on. They come out of nowhere, block your bullets or just spam constant callouts. When you want to check smokes, study a map, practice your aim, or one-vs-one a mate, they can be a major hassle.

Caring for your pet is much easier if you have different accessories for your pets. When frosts come, it is worth adjusting the products to improve the comfort of the dog and yourself - as a carekeeper. Dogs have really sensitive paws, which should be prepared for frosty weather and snow mixed with salt (which is used to melt the snow on the roads). You also should prepare yourself for walks when it’s cold and wet outside. What should a winter layette for a dog contain?

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