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Popular Myths about Wooden Houses Debunked

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Wooden houses are a dream place for many people. If you want to live in a cozy, beautiful, and comfortable place, then log homes are a great option for you. They serve as a sustainable, eco-friendly, energy-efficient and health-beneficial alternative to homeowners.


Over the years, uncountable wooden homes have been built, and eventually, a lot of myths also develop about log houses. But, the fact of the matter is that you do not need to worry about them as they are only myths and completely false.

Let’s debunk the popular myths about wooden houses!

Long construction takes a lot of time

No, it is not true; even log home construction can be completed weeks and takes no long time. It involves only a few steps with a proper log kit, and your home can be ready in a week too.

To build residential log cabins, you need to stack up the logs properly and secure them tightly with all available tools. Also, the walls of a log home need an easy and simple application of stain or paint, which also takes less time as compared to traditional homes.

Fire hazards

People often presume that log homes catch fire easily. But this is not true, wooden homes are not a fire hazard. To make these houses, huge logs are used, which are completely different from scrap wood.

Moreover, the application of chemicals and paint make log cabins actually less likely to ignite a fire. So, these homes are completely safe and healthy to live in for years.

Wooden cabins are only for weekends and holidays

Of course, wooden cabins or log homes are great to spend holidays on, but they are not only meant for short term living. You can live in wood houses for a whole year while enjoying the comfort and nature.

These days, wooden homes are constructed using the latest techniques, which makes them the best eco-friendly building to live in. You can design them in the same way you do with traditional concrete homes. Log cabins offer everything a person needs to live a happy and healthy life throughout the year.

Wooden houses are fragile and not durable

It is again another big myth in people that wooden houses are fragile. Well, it is completely false. If you do maintenance of your log cabin, it can last more than a hundred years. Like any other building, wooden homes also need regular maintenance.

Moreover, wooden houses are made of quality and strong logs that are not at all fragile. It is a fact that many wooden homes are among the world’s oldest structures that are still standing. So, it proves that the log cabins are not at all weak or fragile.

Final Words

If you are planning to own a wooden house or want to live in a log cabin, then go ahead. Do not worry about the myths and do whatever feels you right. We hope that from this article all your doubts and questions regarding log home get solved. Living in a wooden home gives you good health and brings comfort in your life.

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