Saturday, 29 September 2018 12:03

Ongoing Orders

After your joining order the critical difference becomes whether you “are” or “are not” on BP! It goes without saying it is always best to be on BP.

If you are not on BP, the maximum discount you can receive is 20% regardless of the size of your order. The only difference will be the freight charge, if your order is under 75pv freight will be $9.95 and 75PV or higher it will reduce to $4.95.

If you are on BP, the maximum amount of freight you will pay is $4.95 for orders under 75PV. All orders 75PV or higher receive free freight. You can also receive higher discounts than 20%. Orders of 130PV up to 699PV receive a 30% discount and 700PV and above receive a 40% discount.

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