Saturday, 29 September 2018 12:03

Joining & Renewal Fees

The Fees cover the cost of providing an online office with all the tools necessary for building a successful home-based business. The join fee can vary from $40 to free depending on how you join. To get a $0 join fee you need to join with a Super Fast Start order (600PV or higher).

If you join with a Fast Start (300PV up to 599PV) the join fee will be $20, and less than 300PV the join fee will be $40. Any of these options represent great value, considering you get a website, all of the back office tools and reports, and of course training in how to use it all.

The Annual Renewal is $25, however it is fully waived if you remain on BP for 10 of the previous 12 months. You will receive a reminder email when your renewal is coming due or if you have been on BP for at least the previous 10 months, our system will renew it for you automatically.

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