Saturday, 29 September 2018 12:03

Bonus Value

onus Value or BV is the number assigned to a product that bonus percentages are paid on. The BV for a product varies by region and reflects the price of the product and the cost of doing business in that region. 100% of the BV is paid out through the Compensation Plan.

To put it another way, BV is the dollar value (in Australian Dollars) that is paid out through the Compensation Plan.

As an example let’s look at the Vitality Pack. This product’s RRP varies country by country and so does its BV, In Australia the RRP is $187.65 and the BV is currently $42.48.

A good way to understand this is to look at an average sale of this product.

You purchase this product at a 30% discount so you pay $131.35, GST is removed as it is a tax we must pass onto the Australian government, so the revenue from the product is $118.12. $42.48 goes towards your Compensation Plan and the remaining revenue goes towards the manufacturing costs, freight and the running costs of the company.

You can access the BV charts in Miaccount, go to Resources, Business Info & Training, Compensation Plan. There you will see a separate chart for each region, this chart is updated every 90 days and the BV value per product can change each 90 days.

Every 90 days every product is evaluated and updated based on the following criteria, manufacturing costs, freight, exchange rates, RRP per region. This means the BV can vary upwards or downwards with each valuation.

For example, if freight costs stay the same and manufacturing costs stay the same and no adjustment is made to the RRP, but the exchange rate of the US Dollar improves against the Australian Dollar, then the BV will increase on all products sold in the USA.

For more information on how the BV can vary on each product in each region, take a look at page 9 of the Comp Plan Overview.