Saturday, 29 September 2018 12:03

Rank Requirements

Rank is the level you have achieved in the Compensation Plan. The ranks, from lowest to highest, in the Miessence comp plan are:

Associate, Senior Associate, Manager, Executive, Managing Executive, Senior Executive and Ambassador.

When you first join you will be an Associate if you just pay the join fee, but by far the smartest move if you are really going to build yourself a recurring income, is to join with a Fast Start or Super Fast Start (we will go into these options in detail later).

Put simply these are an order you place when you join (or at least within the first 30 days of joining) of 300PV or 600PV. As far as rank is concerned, these options automatically lift you to Senior Associate from day one.

If you look at the table on page 6 of your comp plan overview you will see the requirements you need to maintain your rank each month. There are 2 main criteria, 1) how many teams you have & 2) the total monthly GV of each team.

Assuming you have joined with a Fast Start or above, you are automatically now a Senior Associate. To maintain this rank you need to ensure you have 2 teams on your front-line and those 2 teams maintain at least 300GV per month.

So the first thing you need to do is sponsor 2 people who will be at the head of these teams. Then they (or you) need to get enough people under those 2 teams to maintain monthly orders of above 300PV each.

N.B. As soon as you have a third person you have personally sponsored, put them at the head of your third team. The reason for this will become obvious as we explore Bonus sections in detail later. Creating three teams is the fastest way to achieve the first real level of success which is to activate your Loyalty Bonus, which should mean you receive your monthly order for free.

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