Monday, 01 October 2018 10:33

JustCall launches powerful Auto Dialer for Sales & Telemarketing teams

An auto dialer uses lists of phone numbers to automatically dial, leave messages, or request information from prospects or customers. Depending on the needs of your company it can have different types of auto dialers to best fit your situation. Dialers can range anywhere from prepping you for a call to dialing a set number of phone numbers in a specific amount of time.

Auto dialer is usually implemented when manual dialing is taking away from an agent's productivity, avoiding voicemails and disconnected phone lines ends up saving a lot of time.

How Auto Dialer works?

It is really easy to use JustCall Auto Dialer. Create a new call campaign by uploading a list of contacts (you can export your contacts from your CRM as csv file). And, start the campaign. Auto Dialer will start dialing numbers one by one & allow your agents to take the calls whenever they are connected.

If the number is incorrect & not reachable, auto dialer will automatically skip the number and dial the next number in the list. If the call goes to a voicemail box, you can use voicemail drop feature to drop a pre-recorded voice message for that contact.

During the call, agent has access to the call script and he/she can also add notes for the call. After the call ends, cool-off period kicks in (you can set the cool off period) and agent can use this period to rate the call, add some notes or just a take breath & get ready for the next call. As soon as cool-off period ends, Auto Dialer will dial the next number.

Key Benefits of Auto Dialer

  1. Reduced Idle Time: Manual dialing leads to high agent idle time as agents have to wait until a call is connected. For every call, an agent wastes time in listening busy tones, answering machines and facing disconnected calls. Auto Dialer takes care of all such time consuming events & ensures that your agents are spending their time only in talking to leads & customers.
  2. Increased Agent Talk Time: One of the key benefits of an auto dialer software is the many folds increase in agent talk time as compared to a manual dialing scenario. With minimized idle time time and improved call connect ratio, agents spend more time talking to the prospective and current customers on call.
  3. Increase In Revenue: As your agents will be making more calls, your conversions will go up. On an average, Auto Dialer saves 2-3 hours per agent per day by removing all the unnecessary time consuming events from your sales operations. So, your agents talk to more prospects hence generate more revenue per unit time.

Auto Dialer Features
JustCall's Auto Dialer comes loaded with all the important features that will help you scale your outbound call campaigns & increase your sales exponentially. Following are some of the useful Auto Dialer features:

  1. Auto Dialing
    Upload a list of contacts that you want to call and start the campaign. Auto Dialer will start auto dialing these numbers for you and connect you once someone picks the call.
  2. Contact List Management
    Easily upload or copy paste contacts list to start your auto dialing campaigns. You can manage individual contacts & run new auto dialing campaigns by selecting contacts in bulk.
  3. Voicemail Drop
    This is one of most used features on JustCall. While making calls to your prospects, if you encounter a voicemail box, you can easily drop a pre-recorded voicemail message. This will save you a lot of time and energy.
  4. Sales Pitch Script
    With in Auto Dialer area, you can open your sales pitch scripts that you can read out during the phone calls.
  5. Call Notes
    While on a phone call, your agents can take notes directly from the dialer area using Call Notes feature.
  6. Disposition Codes & Rating
    After every call, agents can select a disposition code (call outcome) and rate the call on the scale of 1 to 5. While creating a campaign, you can set your success goal (in terms of these ratings) and easily track how successful your campaign was.
  7. Incoming Call Routing
    Although, Auto Dialer is used for outbound calls only but what if the prospective customer calls you back? Well, we have that covered. You can easily configure your incoming calls settings and set a phone number to route these incoming calls to.
  8. Analytics & Reporting
    In JustCall's Auto Dialer, you get access to detailed analytics around your call campaigns. You can also download these reports for future reference.
  9. Customer Number Privacy
    Some businesses don't want their agents or 3rd party calling services provider company to have access to phone numbers of their current/prospective customers. In JustCall' Auto Dialer, you get option to hide customer phone numbers from the agents.
  10. Cool-Off Timer
    After every phone call, Auto Dialer software will allow agent some pre-defined time break/cool-off time before dialing next number. Cool-Off time is set to allow agent to take notes or prepare for next call.
  11. Contact Tagging
    To make it easier for you to track your campaigns better, you get an option to tag your contacts. You can easily use these tags to filter your contacts, generate filtered reports or even create new campaigns for certain specific contacts.
  12. Call Recordings
    Every phone call made via Auto Dialer gets recorded. So, as a manager or admin, you can always go back to previous calls and refer call recordings. If you don't want to record phone calls, you get an option to switch off the call recordings.