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Grinding media – a big step in innovative mining

grinding media grinding media

Mining is one of the most important industries. We rarely stop to think about how important it is in our everyday lives. No technological progress would be possible without the extraction of raw materials. For this reason, mining is constantly being improved to extract the planet's riches more efficiently.

Grinding media are used in many areas, including mining. How are grinding media used in mining and what type is currently the most popular?

What are grinding media?

Grinding media help in many industries because they are used in ore processing, milling and crushing. There are currently many companies on the market which provide high-quality grinding media, but the leading player is certainly Magotteaux. This brand has extensive experience and has conducted years of research. Magotteaux developed its first cast chrome balls in 1950 in its foundry in Vaux, Belgium. Through the years of producing increasingly better-quality grinding media, Magotteaux is now the leading producer of grinding media. Today, the company produces over 250,000 tonnes of grinding media per year. Magotteaux has up to 150 different alloys with specialized chemical compositions that are designed for various industries. The mining sector is increasingly using grinding media because innovative technologies can significantly simplify and speed up extraction processes. Grinding media are also used in the cement industry.

Grinding media with specialized parameters

Thanks to its extensive experience on the market, Magotteaux is a major player when it comes to grinding media. It supplies 150 different types, which are divided into 5 subgroups:
• Duromax,
• Ecomax,
• Maxicrom,
• Hardalloy.

Such a specialised approach to the production of grinding media allows to precisely determine the purpose of a given group of abrasive substances. Magotteaux invests in advanced research every year, which is why it regularly releases new grinding media on the market.

Grinding media are being used increasingly often many industries, that’s why the demand for products byMagotteaux is constantly growing. The brand’s history and strong presence on the market has led to its rapidly growing popularity.


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